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    New Wave Polymers, Inc. is a privately owned company founded in 1993. Our company has over 100 years experience in the plastic industry. We are based in Connecticut and have steady expanded, opening branch offices in Massachusetts, New York, and Georgia. In addition, we have independent agents operating in both the Midwest and the West coast. Our clientele currently consists of both, national and international accounts. We source and supply to the plastics industry prime, wide-spec, custom compounded and recycled resigns throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We can also custom-tailor engineered and commodity resins to your specifics needs.

    New Wave Polymers is a name recognized throughout the plastic industry. We are constantly exploring new ideas and concepts in order to better serve the growing needs and expectations of our customers and suppliers. As we all know, plastic is a vital commodity, therefore, to keep meet our clients demands, we have aligned ourselves with tollers and compounders to fill our customer's needs. Because of this alignment, we are able to offer our customers regrind, reprocessed and specialty formulated products in order to keep them more profitable and aggressive in increasingly competitive markets.

    Our name is synonymous with integrity, quality and service. The growth of our company has been achieved through our commitment to provide fast service, highest quality materials and competitive pricing.

    It is our sincere hope that in the future, whether you have scrap, offgrade, surplus products to sell, or you just want to discuss market conditions for your long range planning, you will consider New Wave Polymers, Inc. Together we can begin building a solid trusting and long lasting business relationship with mutual benefit to your company and ours.